Royal Family Member Wears Racist Brooch To Lunch With Meghan Markle

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Since the announcement Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's engagement, the public has been enthralled with every emerging detail of their whirlwind love and upcoming nuptials.

People were surprised to learn of Meghan's biracial ethnicity, but were thrilled at the thought of racial diversity in the British monarchy.

It's been reported Meghan has been getting along with her future family members, and had even scored an exclusive invitation to spend Christmas with them at Queen Elizabeth II's country estate, Sandringham.

Meghan was also invited to the Queen's annual Christmas lunch on Dec. 20, where she was introduced to more members of the royal extended family.

In what should have been a festive and joyous occasion, one guest has sparked outrage when the public found out what she was wearing at the gathering.

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