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You Probably Didn't Know That These Random Hollywood Celebrities Go Way Back

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They say you have to remember where you came from, and that friends stay friends forever.

That's not just the case for you and your friends from high school, but also for A-list celebrities. Everyone has to come from somewhere, and you might be surprised that in this giant world, more than a couple stars have known each other since before they could drive!

How many of these celebrity pairs did you know knocked elbows in their awkward youth?

Sean Penn & Robert Downey Jr.

The two major league actors spent their teenage years growing up at Santa Monica High School.

Liv Tyler & Kate Hudson

The stars are two years apart, but I'm sure they must have passed each other in the halls of Santa Monica Crossroads School from time to time.

Anderson Cooper & Christian Slater

Do you think that either one of them knew how famous they were going to be in just a few years?

Nicky Hilton & Lady Gaga

The two women attended the same Catholic school in New York City. Their classmate Paris Hilton unfortunately never graduated.

Rob Lowe & Charlie Sheen

These two have been good friends ever since they were in high school. While Rob always wanted to start acting, Charlie held out hopes for a baseball career!

High school stars include these upcoming iconic duos...

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