Randy Jackson Reveals His Secret To Staying Slim After Losing Over 100 Pounds


Randy Jackson Reveals His Secret To Staying Slim After Losing Over 100 Pounds


Everyone on a journey to lose weight has a very good reason for doing it. For veteran American Idol judge Randy Jackson, he did it to save his life.

Jackson, who grew up in Louisiana, was accustomed to eating greasy food and sugary treats as a child. Before he knew it, he was gaining weight and started to struggle with obesity.

When he moved to Los Angeles, he became too focused on his career, and placed his health on the back burner.

In-House Mentor Randy Jackson and Host Ryan Seacrest arrive on the blue carpet.

Posted by American Idol on Friday, February 21, 2014

At one point, the Grammy Award-winning producer tipped the scale at 355 pounds.

"Liquid fasts. Bee stings. Urine of pregnant women. You name it. I have tried it," Jackson told WebMD, only half-joking. "The problem is that those diets don't work for people who have the disease of obesity."

It wasn't until the early 2000s, when test results showed that he had type 2 diabetes, that he finally took a big step towards changing his lifestyle.

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In 2003, two years after the startling diagnosis, Jackson opted for gastric bypass surgery, a procedure that "changes how stomach and small intestine handle the food you eat," according to the U.S. Library of Medicine.

The surgery went well, and Jackson, who admitted in an interview with Dr. Oz that he was "addicted to food," was able to develop a new, healthier relationship with food.

"For the old Dawg, a holiday party was a chance to have something to eat, drink, and be merry, but the new Randy does not drink or eat at parties," Jackson said in a 2008 interview with WebMD.

These changes helped him drop 120 pounds, and he looks drastically different these days.

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Jackson revealed that he still indulges in his favorite Southern comfort foods, but he learned to make healthy versions of them, like his low-fat sweet potato pie.

Being on the road while filming American Idol made it difficult to commit to his new habits, but he still managed to overcome the challenges.

"It's all about being aware of who you are, knowing your body, and accepting that," Jackson said.

A few years ago, Jackson admitted to gaining some of the weigh back but he was able to once again shed the extra pounds by eating better.

"The struggle continues." he said. "It never ends."

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He wrote a book about his journey called Body with Soul: Slash Sugar, Cut Cholesterol, and Get a Jump on Your Best Health Ever to inspire and motivate people who are interested in taking the same journey.

It's been over 10 years since the TV personality turned his life around, and he has still managed to keep the weight off.

He has recently been spotted at a few events, and he is looking similar than ever!

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