'Ray Donovan' Actor Arrested For Letting 2-Year-Old Son Drive His Car


'Ray Donovan' Actor Arrested For Letting 2-Year-Old Son Drive His Car

For years, actor Pooch Hall, best known for his roles in shows and films like The Game, Jumping the Broom and Ray Donovan, has branded himself as a family man.

Hall, whose real name is Marion H. Hall Jr., has not only played that role in movies like Media, he also lives it off-screen too.

The 41-year-old is a father to four children, Djanai, 19, Djordan, 9, Djaeda, 11, and Djulian, 2, whom he shares with his wife of 21 years, Linda Hall.

In a 2017 interview with People, he revealed that while he enjoys being a dad, it's not easy balancing his two jobs, especially when he has to care for his eldest daughter who has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair.

"As far as me, being an actor and a family man in this world that we are working in ... it's never going to be easy," he explained.

Hall and his wife even created a non-profit inClusion ClubHouse, where families who have children with disabilities can play and learn.

Hall's family has been his main focus, so rarely do we see him getting into trouble like some of his fellow Hollywood stars. He's always trying to set a good example for his children, and is the last person you would think would put his kids in danger.

This is why it came a shock when celebrity news website TMZ reported that the actor was arrested on Wednesday night for driving under the influence and felony child endangerment.

According to the news outlet, Hall was driving in Burbank when witnesses called the police after they saw a toddler sitting on his lap and holding the steering wheel.

The car reportedly smashed into a parked car before police could get there, and according to the eyewitnesses, the child, who was identified as Hall's youngest son, started crying. Djulian's car seat was apparently not installed and was found laying among a bunch of other items in the back seat.

Pooch Hall's son, Djulian
Djulian, 2, was seen sitting on Hall's lap and steering the wheel.Pooch Hall/Instagram

When the officers got to the scene they noticed that Hall reeked of alcohol and could barely walk. His blood alcohol level was at .25, which is more than three times the legal limit.

Hall was taken into custody, where he currently remains on a $100,000 bail. His son has been returned to his mother.

Although Hall has largely stayed away from trouble, this isn't the first time that he's been put in the slammer.

During a youth empowerment panel at the 2011 Bayou Classic in New Orleans, Hall revealed that he was once jailed for four months when he was younger.

"Not too many people know this, but I had a run in with the law years and years ago where I was jailed for four months. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and with the wrong people. It's important that you have good influences and surround yourself around good people because not everyone gets a second chance like I did."

This recent incident could've ended horribly, so we're glad that both Hall and his child are safe.

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