Reality TV Star Bit By Alligator In Bizarre Stunt

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Reality TV Star Bit By Alligator In Bizarre Stunt

If you have never heard of the show "The Dudesons" it is essentially the Finland counterpart to the Jackass series. A group of stunt men challenge each other to do ridiculous and usually dangerous activities and this time it ended with one of them getting bit by an alligator.

The so-called game they invented is "Alligator Bite Roulette" where they had to pick a cup and if they were the unlucky one who found the alligator, they would get bit.

"It's like needles going in" Jukka Hilden yelled after he volunteered his arm out to the alligator. All of this was done LIVE on Facebook.

If you want to see what some people will do to get higher ratings on their show watch their video below. The alligator bites start at the the 30 minute mark.

Would you ever do something this crazy?

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