10 Common Reasons Why You Feel Dizzy That Most Doctors Can't Diagnose

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Feeling dizzy or lightheaded is quite common among all ages, so there may be a lot of reasons as to why one might feel this way.

Doctors can easily misdiagnose patients when they fail to take into account the big picture.

I believe that self-diagnosis is the best diagnosis. Once we can figure out what's wrong with our bodies, we can consult with our doctor on the best course of action.  

Here are the 10 most common reasons why you you feel faint or dizzy.

1. Anxiety

Feeling dizzy is one of the first symptoms of anxiety, which is why stress-related dizziness is quite common.  

Those who can't manage their anxiety will start to hyperventilate, as a rush of adrenaline will make them feel light-headed, which can sometimes lead to a panic attack.

2. Anemia

If your iron levels are quite low, you may be suffering from anemia. This condition occurs when your blood lacks enough blood cells or hemoglobin, which prevents enough oxygen from going to your brain.

If you're not eating enough iron-rich foods like red meat, fish, whole grains, green vegetables, or nuts, go talk to your doctor to see if you need to start taking iron medication. If you're eating healthy, try adding more vitamin C in your diet, and lower your intake of calcium, which can prevent iron from absorbing into your body.

3. Dehydrated

The average human body is 60% water, so we need to replenish all the liquid we lose through our sweat glands. As our bodies age, we don't retain water the same way as we used to, and we often miss some of the signs that we're in need of hydration.

When it's a hot summer's day, you know how easy it is to feel lightheaded. If you can't drink water right away, try lying down. This will help blood to flow faster to your brain.

4. Low blood pressure

When you stand up too quickly, stand for long periods of time, or suddenly feel so dizzy that you're about to fall down, it's probably caused by a sudden drop in blood pressure.

When blood isn't flowing properly in your body, it can be very dangerous. The best thing you can do is pop a candy in your mouth or drink something caffeinated. Sugar will raise your blood levels and bring you back to feeling normal.

5. Vertigo

It's estimated that a majority of people in the world have experienced some form of vertigo.

Your inner ear has a fluid that is responsible for keeping you balanced. When that's compromised, you'll start feeling dizzy often.  

Luckily, this condition has a simple remedy that can be fixed by a doctor. If you think you have vertigo, ask your doctor to help you do rapid head movements.

These next common reasons may help solve your dizzy spells...

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