"Reba" Star Reveals A Reboot Is "Definitely" Possible

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Can you believe it's been over ten years since Reba aired its final episode?

The sitcom, which revolved around a single mother (Reba McEntire), who is trying to navigate life after her husband left her for his dental hygienist, and her teenage daughter became pregnant, garnered critical acclaim and had a huge fan following since its debut in 2001.


Its half-hour finale alone was watched by more than eight million viewers, and the CW message boards saw many people asking for the network to give it a second chance. Some even speculated that there was a possibility of JoAnna Garcia, who played Cheyenne Montgomery, and Steve Howey, who portrayed Van Montgomery, having their own spinoff.

Unfortunately, all hope was crushed when some of the stars of the show signed on to other projects.

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Turns out, fans weren't the only ones who wanted the show to stay on air. Gary Newman, president of 20th Century Fox TV told Variety in 2007 that the show could've been a hit for ABC or CBS, and that he regretted the way The WB network handled the situation.

Now, one of the stars of the series is speaking out about the possibility of a revival. Garcia opened up about the show in a recent interview with Us Weekly, and she had plenty to say.

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