"Reba" Star Reveals A Reboot Is "Definitely" Possible


"Reba" Star Reveals A Reboot Is "Definitely" Possible

Can you believe it's been over ten years since Reba aired its final episode?

The sitcom, which revolved around a single mother (Reba McEntire), who is trying to navigate life after her husband left her for his dental hygienist, and her teenage daughter became pregnant, garnered critical acclaim and had a huge fan following since its debut in 2001.


Its half-hour finale alone was watched by more than eight million viewers, and the CW message boards saw many people asking for the network to give it a second chance. Some even speculated that there was a possibility of JoAnna Garcia, who played Cheyenne Montgomery, and Steve Howey, who portrayed Van Montgomery, having their own spinoff.

Unfortunately, all hope was crushed when some of the stars of the show signed on to other projects.

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Turns out, fans weren't the only ones who wanted the show to stay on air. Gary Newman, president of 20th Century Fox TV told Variety in 2007 that the show could've been a hit for ABC or CBS, and that he regretted the way The WB network handled the situation.

Now, one of the stars of the series is speaking out about the possibility of a revival. Garcia opened up about the show in a recent interview with Us Weekly, and she had plenty to say.

Although Garcia didn't provide an official confirmation, she revealed that there has "definitely been a lot of talk about" the beloved sitcom gracing our televisions once again.

"I definitely think it's possible and I think everybody would love to," she added. "There is so much love there and such fond memories of our time on the show. I feel like we kind of ended before we really wanted to and I think there is a lot of goodwill in that world and I know everybody would be supportive of it."

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According to the actress, the cast have remained "extremely" close after all these years, and she "sees them all the time," so working together again would be very easy.

"I actually just saw Reba last month," Garcia said. "We were at the CMAs together. But we talk all the time. Reba's got a tight hold on her little brood because she makes sure we are all doing ok and taken care of. And Melissa Peterman is a really dear friend and a part of my family. We're all just very close."

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Garcia also weighed in on what she thinks her character would be up to these days.

"I think Van and Cheyenne would still be together and define all odds in their own quirky way. But it takes a village and that village was really strong," Garcia explained. "They were the definition of a modern family. It was a very real and supportive family, a loving family and at the end of the day regardless of all the insanity that was circling our lives we loved each other until the end. And I think that allows you to beat the odds."

Garcia isn't the only cast member who has expressed the desire to have the show back on television. In November 2017, McEntire said she would also be up to reprise her role on the show.

"A Reba reboot? Absolutely we would!" she told ABC Radio. "Everybody was wanting to do that. We'd love it. If everybody else would go for it, meaning the heads of the networks and things, all the actors are for it, a hundred-percent."


She already knew what she'd like to see her alter-ego, Reba Hart, be up to if the show returns.

"I think she'd become a travel agent, so she gets to go to all these places to check 'em out, before she has her clients go to 'em," McEntire explained. "Then she goes to this place, and she falls in love and tours the world with him, 'cause he's real rich and he has a private plane."

Considering networks have been giving plenty of older shows the reboot treatment, we wouldn't be surprised if they decide to breathe new life into Reba.

Are you excited about the idea of Reba returning to TV? Let us know in the comments!

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