Republicans Are Trying To Take This Crucial Program From Our Schools


Republicans Are Trying To Take This Crucial Program From Our Schools

As of 2017, there are a record number of students who are provided with breakfast at school as part of a program that ensures low income kids are eating. More than 12 million students eat their breakfast at school. Otherwise, they wouldn't be eating at all.

However, thanks to some Republicans, this program could be in serious trouble.

Under the Obama administration, the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) says schools where 40% of the students body qualifies for free breakfast can offer it to all students. This makes free breakfast a norm so that students who actually qualify don't feel singled out.

But congressional Republicans aren't a fan of the CEP, saying it's a hand out to students who don't need the help. One Republican even called it "welfare for kids who come from the middle class."

The Republicans want to increase the threshold to 60% instead of 40% to prevent students from getting free breakfast when their families could afford it. But the qualifying income is ridiculously low. Even if your family of four only brings in $35,000 a year, you don't qualify for free meals.

People are unhappy about the potential cuts for the breakfast programs, saying it's just hurting the kids and not teaching anyone a lesson.

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