Research Says Women Like Their Best Friends More Than Their Husbands

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Research Says Women Like Their Best Friends More Than Their Husbands


In life, everyone needs a best friend.

Whether you have only one pal or a handful, these are the people you can trust, have fun with, and confide in when you're feeling down.

They've been with us through our highest and lowest points in life, and the rapport between you two cannot be replaced by anybody else.

Even your husband.

The Statistics

Although we often say our significant others are the number one person in our lives, a spa company named Champneys revealed more than half of women prefer their best friend than their husband.

Researchers surveyed 1,517 women across the United Kingdom, with just over 50% of the participants claiming their relationship with their best friend trumps the one they share with their husband.

In the survey, the most popular reason women gave for liking their bestie more than their spouse stemmed from their ability to "talk about everything."

That response was followed by the fact that their friend listens more and that they can tell them things they wouldn't be able to share with their romantic partner.

When it comes to participating in exciting activities, women would rather do it with their pals than their husband, including alcohol-fueled outings.

Even more surprisingly, 60% of women admitted they would prefer if no men intruded when they were having alone time with their friends.

Here are the full results:

  • We can talk about everything (57%)
  • She listens more (45%)
  • I can tell her things I could not tell my partner (44%)
  • We enjoy the same things (41%)
  • We laugh until we cry (39%)
  • I can truly be myself (29%)
  • We go back much further (29%)
  • She offers better advice (28%)
  • She is less irritating (26%)
  • We have much more in common (25%)
  • She has a better sense of humor (19%)
  • We go wild when we're together (18%)

A spokesperson for Champneys added that 43% of the women surveyed either have a spa day or girls' weekend planned with their friends during the upcoming year.

"These research findings back up our own sales stats, which show that all female group bookings for our spa days and weekend offerings have nearly doubled over the past 12 months," the spa said in a statement.

"In fact, our Girly Getaway and "╦ťGirls Night In' packages for groups of six or more are among the most in demand packages at Champneys Spa resorts."

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