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Researchers Now Know Why, And How, We Fall In Love

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What is love? While Bonnie Tyler would say it's a "total eclipse of the heart," the emotion is significantly more intricate than that.

Love is a feeling most people find difficult to put into words. Some would say it's a combination between comfort and affection, while others believe it goes beyond the depths of our subconsciousness. All I know is, it can't be defined by feelings alone.

Luckily, scientists specializing from anthropology to neuroscience have been researching that exact question for years, and may have finally found the answer.

But stop right there. Before we fall in love with someone, we have to find a partner we're attracted to, but how are we suppose to figure that out?

According to Your Amazing Brain, psychologists have proven it only takes between 90 seconds and 4 minutes to determine if you are attracted to someone. Oddly enough, the mitigating factor isn't the words that are exchanged.

According to their research, there are only three components that contribute to someone becoming attracted to someone else: 55% is through body language, 38% is the tone and speed of an individual's voice, while the remaining 7% doesn't go towards what the individual has to say.

But just because you've found someone you're attracted to, it doesn't mean you're instantly in love. It takes time, and another three steps.

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