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Restaurant's New Fee Has People Angry

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A restaurant in Colorado is facing some heat after they added a controversial fee to all of their bills.

Minimum wage in Colorado will gradually increase from $8.31 to $12 by 2020, while tipped service employees (like restaurant servers) will go from $6.28 to $8.98 in the same time frame.

While most restaurants will be adjusting their menu prices to account for the wage increase, the general manager of Corona's Mexican Grill has decided to be a little more blunt about it.

Corona's Mexican Grill has added an "A70 Service Fee" which is in reference to the state's new minimum wage law, Amendment 70. Lilith Marquez has added the new A70 charge to customers' bills so they "know where the increase on their bills came from."

Lilith says this new amendment will cost her company $185,000 between their 3 locations.

But while they were trying to be "honest" with customers, Corona's seems to have made more people angry than happy.

Continue reading to find out what the response to this new fee has been.

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