'How I Met Your Mother' Star Hit With Restraining Order


'How I Met Your Mother' Star Hit With Restraining Order After Harassing Neighbors


How I Met Your Mother star Josh Radnor has been hit with a restraining order after being accused of harassing his neighbors.

The actor and director has been ordered to stay seven yards (yes, only seven) away from his next door neighbors after they accused him of causing them distress.

The disagreement between the two parties started when Radnor built a deck that crossed onto his neighbor's property.

Apparently when Radnor purchased his Hollywood Hills home, the previous owner had an agreement with the neighbor to maintain the retaining wall and walkway, and in return, the neighbor would grant him an easement to extend the property line a little bit.

Josh Radnor

But when Radnor moved in, he took out the retaining wall completely while he installed a deck in the easement space. In 2016, the neighbor filed a lawsuit against Radnor claiming the easement was no longer valid because Radnor had destroyed the retaining wall.

The neighbors originally tried to get permission to tear down his new deck, but Radnor hit them with a countersuit that he won.

In the last two years, the neighbors have claimed that Radnor has continued to harass them and they are once again trying to get a judge to step in.

TMZ reported that the neighbors claim "Josh and his roommate scream at them every time they go outside."

Josh Radnor

Not only do they yell at them, but apparently they take pictures of them and even harass any workers who come into the yard on the property.

A judge has granted the neighbors a temporary restraining order, which as previously mentioned forces Radnor to stay seven yards (or 21 feet) from his neighbors any time they are home.

This means if they are both out in the backyard, he has to give them some space instead of yelling at them.

Josh Radnor

The deck apparently costs upwards of $130,000, but even at that price it seems like it's a crazy that he would actually go to the effort of verbally harassing them.

Source - TMZ / ET Canada

Do you think Radnor should be allowed to keep his deck?