Ridiculous Tiger Statue Inspires Some Hilarious Photos


Ridiculous Tiger Statue Inspires Some Hilarious Photos

It takes a pretty funny joke to travel all around the world, but these hilarious photos from Indonesia are making everyone on the web chuckle.

The fun started a week ago when Vincent Candra shared this photo of a statue at the entrance to a military base with the caption "This tiger what the heck?!"

The proud creature, who stands guard in front of the Siliwangi Military Command in the small town of Cisewu, looks more like a cartoon  character than a fearsome beast.

In case you're wondering why the statue is there in the first place, it's meant to represent the base's mascot, but it doesn't look nearly as vicious as the official art.

Siliwangi Military

Folks online didn't waste any time turning this poor animal into a laughingstock, photoshopping it into everything from movie posters to nature photos.

Unfortunately, the military base couldn't handle the joke and took drastic measures to change their image. Yesterday, the army destroyed the statue using hammers and chisels.

On Facebook, some Indonesians said they feel guilty for getting the statue removed with their jokes, but the laughter the tiger brought us will live on forever.

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