Another "Grey's Anatomy" Series Regular Has Left The Show

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When Grey's Anatomy first began, it was a show about medical interns trying to keep their heads above water...and about their love lives, of course!

As the show moved forward, we fell more and more in love with the characters as they dealt with every possible tragedy known to man. From bombs, to boat crashes, to drowning, to cancer, to active shooter, to car accidents, we were there for it all.

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As time went on, our favorite characters either left the show or were killed off. Here's a list of the most traumatizing exits:

  • George O'Malley: killed after being hit by a bus to save a stranger
  • Mark Sloan: died after slipping into a coma after being in a plane crash
  • Reed Adamson and Charles Percy: shot by an active shooter in the hospital
  • Henry Burton: dies after Christina performs surgery on him but it doesn't work
  • Izzie Stevens: left after her cancer beat cancer but wanted a fresh start
  • Lexi Grey: died in the same plane crash that killed Sloan
  • Derek Shepherd: killed in a car accident after stopping to save people on the road.
  • Preston Burke: left Christina Yang at the altar and never came back
  • Christina Yang: left because Seattle Grace was a legitimate disaster-pit
  • Addison Montgomery: left to pursue her own practice
  • Denny Duquette: died even though Izzie tried to save him
  • Stephanie Edwards: set the hospital on fire and left to recover from her burns.

The list goes on and on. After Derek's death, I think we all thought that creator Shonda Rimes would give us a bit of a break on the traumatizing events. But we were wrong.

Another series regular has left the show, and how it's going to affect Meredith will be interesting.

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