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A Bear Stole 2 Guns From A Hunter And Police Had No Idea What To Do About It

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Wilderness survival is a very important subject to be knowledgeable in if you're going to venture out into less-tread ground, especially in the winter. You need to make sure to pack the necessary essentials, you probably want to have some knowledge of how to make small bits of food and supplies last a long time, and you should also make sure that somebody knows where you're going. Y'know, in case you get stranded or something.


Most of all though, you need to be aware of how to deal with the wildlife that roams around in the wilderness. We like to think of animals as these cute and hilarious things that we love to watch in zoos, but if you're in their territory and they consider you a threat, even something as normally silly-looking as a moose can be a legitimate threat (no, seriously, look it up).

A moose once bit my sister...CBC

Of course, when people think of dangerous wilderness animals, their thoughts immediately go to bears (especially if you've seen The Revenant anytime recently). While these big lumbering creatures are more curious and hungry than vicious, bear attacks are pretty horrific, and something you need to be wary of.

That being said, I don't think anybody could have prepared us for the idea of a brown bear who is legitimately carrying hunting rifles around, but that exact case is the subject of a new warning put out by Siberian animal control officials...

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