Robin Williams's Widow Reveals The Actor's Last Words In An Emotional Interview

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It's been a little over three years since the world lost beloved actor, comedian, and philanthropist Robin Williams. The entertainer, who endured a lifelong battle with mental illness and substance abuse, was only 63-years-old when he was found dead inside his home after hanging himself.


While the world has come to know him as one of the most talented and funniest screen legends, to his family he was so much more than that. Williams was a loving husband to his wife, Susan Schneider, and a doting father to his three children, including actress Zelda Williams.

So as you can imagine, it took a while for the family to publicly address their loss. Nearly a year after her father's death, Zelda opened up in an interview with Today.

"People should remember what they want to remember of him. Who am I to guide what their childhood memories are of watching his movies," Zelda said. "I have mine [memories] and they are mine and I love that. And they are private and lovely and perhaps very different, but who knows what the difference is. They have their memories. They should enjoy them. They're not going anywhere. The world, as I said, keeps spinning, but that doesn't mean that he was never on it."

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She said she was "taking it one step at the time," and won't be questioning why Williams took his life.

However, prior to Zelda's chat with Today, her step-mother had broken her silence in an emotional interview with Good Morning America, just three months after Williams's untimely death.

In her first interview since her loss, Schneider opened up about Williams's illness and his final words to her.

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