Robin Williams Had His Personal Issues, But This Story About His Kindness Is Amazing

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Hearts around the world collectively broke when actor, comedian, doting father, and philanthropist Robin Williams committed suicide in 2014.  

Not only did the legend entertain us with his stand-up comedy, television shows, and critically-acclaimed films, like Mrs. Doubtfire and Good Will Hunting, he also went to great lengths to share kindness when it was needed the most.

Every once in a while a stories about lives he touched pop up online to remind us that the beloved actor made the world a better place, and that is why his legacy continues to live on nearly four years after his death.  

Kelly Osbourne recently revealed that Williams helped her mother, Sharon, after she was diagnosed with colon cancer.

Osbourne explained that her mother started giving up hope, and was on the verge of stopping treatments, when Williams stepped in.

"Dad said laughter is the best medicine and organized for Robin [Williams] to come over and make mom laugh, and he just dropped everything and came over to the house and got in bed with Mom," Kelly revealed.

"I just remember sitting at the bottom of the stairs and we went from crying, not knowing what to do, to just peeing ourselves laughing because we could hear Mom upstairs in her room laughing with Robin. And, the next day it changed everything and Mom went back to chemo," she added.

Sharon chimed in saying that Williams was "one of the nicest, genuine people that you could ever meet."

Robin Williams and Sharon Osbourne
Closer Weekly

Decades before coming to Sharon's aide, Williams was the first person to make his late pal Christopher Reeve laugh after the accident that left him permanently paralyzed.

Reeve was awaiting a major surgery when a doctor in scrubs and a face mask claiming to be a proctologist walked in and started speaking with a Russian accent. Turns out, it was Williams all along.

However, Williams's kindness wasn't just reserved for his fellow celebrities or people close to him, he shared his big heart and humor with anonymous strangers too.

Brian Lord, a writer who once hired Williams for an event, revealed something about the actor that many people did not know.

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