Rolling Forward: How Skateboarding As A Hobby Is Changing

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Rolling Forward: How Skateboarding As A Hobby Is Changing

While plenty of people still skateboard, the hobby isn't quite as young as it used to be. In 2006, 71% of the group were in the 12-17 age demographic. Today only 45% is 12-17. While this could mean that skateboard as a hobby is aging up, this also means that we're seeing new innovations in skating from inventors who started skating when they were young. Here are just a few of the unique skating options now available to skaters everywhere that are changing the face of the hobby as we know it.

Electric Skateboards

For those looking to go for longer distances on their board, look no further than electric powered boards. These boards are designed mainly for longboarding, allowing skaters to go for longer distances without even needing to push. These can be perfect for someone looking to have a little fun with their daily commute.


For some extra twenty-first century flair to your ride, give riding a hoverboard a try. While it's true that it looks a fair bit different from your standard skateboard, these fun rides challenge your balance and coordination just as much. Some people are such a big fan of these that they're even being used for daily commute options. However, they're not without their problems; people have reported these board malfunctioning and even catching on fire in the past.

Folding Skateboards

For a skater on the go who needs to store their ride more easily once they get to their destination, there are now folding skateboards. These boards are easy to fit into a bag when needed, making them a great choice for getting to and from work. As skaters get older, more will be looking for options that work for commutes, and these compact boards just might fit the bill.

If you skate, would you consider riding one of these unique boards, or do you prefer a more traditional ride? Do you think these skateboards will take off as the next big thing in skating?

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