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After 9 Years On The Job This Police Department Knew The Perfect Way To Say Goodbye

After 9 years (64 dog years) of faithful police service Rollo was finally ready to hang up his leash. So the Sacramento Police Department did what they'd do for any officer - they threw a retirement party.

Rollo and his handler, Linda Matthew, both retired on the same day after a decorated career. In fact both of them also made history. Matthew as Sacramento's first female handler, and Rollo as the first Dutch Shepherd to serve. He was also the first ever rescue dog to pass training.

Matthew and Rollo
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They had a lavish send off with people from all around the community attending.

"During their time together Officer Matthew and Rollo patrolled the streets of Sacramento with toughness and grit," wrote the department. "There was hardly a felony in progress that was ever broadcast that did not have a K91 en route immediately following it."

Sacramento Police

Good boy Rollo, you've certainly earned your break.

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