Fans Upset After Jeremey Roloff Says He Can't Buy Roloff Farms

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Fans Upset After Jeremey Roloff Says He Can't Buy Roloff Farms

Those who watched Little People, Big World admired the huge farm that the Roloff family called home. It was a massive piece of land that they grew into something special. I always assumed that one day the farm would get passed down to one of the four kids, and it's possible that's still true, but after a recent post from the eldest son Jeremy Roloff, fans are starting to wonder what's going to happen.


Jeremy, who's been married to his wife Audrey for almost five years, posted about his and his wife's dream to one day own a farm.

I’m totally re-inspired to eat healthier, consistently exercise, and to buy a farm. 💪🏼 We spent this last week at the @youngliving convention in Salt Lake City and it was awesome. We got to meet more of Audreys @morethanoils team and other folks actively pursuing a healthy lifestyle. We truly are what we eat. I’m super thankful Audrey has such a good group of women who all want to help each other.

Highlight for me was visiting the YL Mona farm. It was an absolutely beautiful property and got my brain firing on all cylinders with ideas and dreams for (hopefully) Roloff farms. Growing up on a farm the passion for land has never left me.

Auj and I have been working very hard to be able to acquire one someday and visiting the Mona farm was a big encouragement in our efforts. I have to say, the story of Dr. Young and Young Living is one for the history books, I was blown away by it. He definitely wrote the story he’d want to read about one day.

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Jeremy mentioned that he would "hopefully" own Roloff farms, but he didn't seem so sure. Fans were quick to questions why he wouldn't take that one over.

"Hi Jeremy," one fan wrote. "Just wondering why you are looking into buying a farm instead of taking over Roloff farms? Is it because Matt won't actually relinquish control?"

Jeremy responded, simply saying "costs money to buy Roloff Farm."

Instagram - Jeremy Roloff

Another person asked "Why not your family's farm?"

"Very expensive," Jeremy responded flatly.

People were shocked to hear that buying Roloff farms wasn't in the cards for Jeremy, at least not now.

"I thought your Dad wanted you or was hoping you take over so he can move in to other things?" someone asked. "I know he said one the show if any of you would it would be you."

"How sad," someone else commented. "The farm should always be in your family. Hard to believe your parents aren't making sure you all can raise your children there. Unreal."

Instagram - Jeremy Roloff

Now, Jeremy didn't say that he would never buy Roloff farms, just that he can't right now. It's sad, though, when you think about how if the funds don't come together, the farm may one day go to a set of strangers.

Do you think Matt Roloff should give the farm to Jeremy for a lower price because he's family?

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