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Royal Family's Father's Day Message Has Left A Lot Of People Upset. Do You See What's Wrong?

Even the Royals have family scandals. Actually, ESPECIALLY the Royals have family scandals. And they have forever.

Some are more serious than others. The rumors of Diana and Charles' troubled marriage still float around today. And of course, Prince Harry has had his fair share of headlines as well.

But now, it's Prince William is on the hot seat, or at least a picture of him is.

On Father's Day, the Royal Family's Instagram account posted a sweet message to Prince Charles and Prince William, but people noticed something glaring missing from the photo.

Happy Father's Day. Wishing all the fathers out there a very happy day.

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On the surface it seems like a touching photo of Charles with his boys William and Harry, and then a picture of William with this son George.

So what exactly is the issue here? Do you see it?

Find out why people are upset on the next page!

Almost immediately after the picture was posted, people online found a major problem with the image.

It's missing William's daughter, Charlotte.

In a post about being a father, the Royal Family omitted one of William's two kids!

Some pointed out that perhaps the post was highlighting future Kings, but Prince Harry does not fall in to that category either.

While I'm sure it was an honest mistake, it would have been lovely to see a picture of Prince William with both of his kids on Father's Day. Or even just a picture of the whole family together. It's not like there's a shortage of them!

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