Sources Reveal Potential Cast List For Season 24 Of Dancing With The Stars

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Sources Reveal Potential Cast List For Season 24 Of Dancing With The Stars

Who is going to be putting on their dancing shoes for this seasons Dancing With The Stars? Well, the cast isn't officially announced we have an idea of who will be on thanks to some "inside sources".

Two of the contestants have been confirmed, but so far this is shaping up to be quite the season! Who are you going to root for?

Simon Biles - CONFIRMED

The Olympic gold medalist will be quite the fierce competition!


I pity the fool who tries to out dance him!


Sources claim the icon has joined the competition.

Heather Morris - RUMORED

Former professional dancer turned Glee Actress Heather Morris is one of the contestants who would have a good dance background to do pretty well.

Bonner Bolton - RUMORED

He will be a professional bull rider by day, potential dance superstar by night!

Chris Kattan - RUMORED

Saturday Night Live alum is expected to be a contestant. I would put money on the fact that "What Is Love" will play at least once if he is.

Erika Jayne - RUMORED

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star might be one of those competing for that disco ball trophy.

Rashad Jennings - RUMORED

One of the New York Giants players Rashad Jennings is expected to be confirmed as a contestant.

Normani Kordei - RUMORED

It is also reported that Fifth Harmony singer Kordei will be participating.

Nancy Kerrigan - RUMORED

Another Olympic star, Nancy Kerrigan is rumored to be there.

Nick Viall

Former Bachelorette contestant and now Bachelor, Nick Viall is supposed to continue on his reality show circuit with Dancing With The Stars.

We will let you know when everything gets confirmed!

Will you be watching this year?