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Sad Pitbull Refuses To Abandon The Only Friend That Ever Truly Loved Her

When they were surrendered to Rocket Dog Rescue, Merrill and Taco had lost everything: their home, their family and a secure future. All they had left was each other.

When Merrill needed life saving surgery, Taco was right there by her side during every minute of her recovery. The two were such a closely bonded pair that they would cry whenever they were apart.

The day finally came when a family picked sweet Merrill to be the newest member of their family, but there was one problem: she wouldn't go without Taco.

Rocket Dog Rescue describes the sweet pups on their website: "Merill is a 3 year old pitbull mix. She’s so loving, and obedient."

Clearly, this gentle girl is a gem!

"Taco is an 8 year old Chihuahua with a big personality who loves attention and prances around saying hi to everyone. They both are the most wonderful, obedient dogs," they write.

It's obvious that these two just can't be separated. Thankfully the family understood and Taco was adopted too!

Now these adorable buddies can look forward to a long, happy life together with a family that truly understands their special bond.

[h/t Rocket Dog Rescue / Thought Catalogue]

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