17 Saddest "Grey's Anatomy" Departures Based On How Much We Ugly-Cried

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Grey's Anatomy gave us an incredible thing: emotional attachment. It seemed that every character we loved, we loved deeply. Then, of course, because we can't have nice things, Shonda Rimes went and killed our favorites.

I would like to point out that this list has been complied by studious debate, meaning I asked my co-workers and friends and we yelled at each other. There are going to people who didn't make the list, but that doesn't mean their departures weren't sad. I would also like to mention that Meredith's dog, Doc, isn't on this list. That's because it's so sad we can't even talk about it.

17. Heather Brooks

Heather was an intern that didn't annoy us beyond all reason. She was eager to please and loved to throw in a joke at the wrong time. She met an untimely death when she went to check on Richard Weber and ended up stepping in a patch of water that was filled with an electrical current. She died, we cried, and Grey's lost another soul.

16. Izzie Stevens

There has been much debate over Izzie's placement on the list. The final decision is based off the fact that we didn't really care all that much. By the time Izzie left, she was already grating on our last nerve. She deserved a new start, and the only reason it really made us sad is that Alex Karev needed a win, and he didn't get one.

15. Erica Hahn

The problem with Erica Hahn is that she forced Callie into a relationship and made her commit, then she up and left. She just walked away from it all and I really didn't care for it.

14. Callie Torres

In theory, Callie should have been higher on this list. She was a tell-it-like-it-is kinda gal and stayed with the show for a long time. I'm not sure if it was the timing (after season 11, nothing seemed dramatic anymore) or whether it was because she moved to New York to be with a girl she just met, but Callie's departure wasn't one that I really cared for.

13. Preston Burke

The only, and I mean ONLY, reason Preston Burke is on this list is because of how he left Christina. Watching Meredith have to cut Christina out of her wedding dress after Burke left her at the altar still makes me teary-eyed when I think about it. Burke, himself, leaving was sad because I really thought he made Christina happy. But if you're going to do it in this terrible way, then you don't deserve my tears.

12. Denny Duquette

Denny was another point of contention among colleagues. Some loved him and wanted him #1, but I don't think those people really paid attention. Denny caused a lot of unnecessary drama, whether or not it was his fault. Watching Izzie weep while she mourned the loss of her fiancee still made me cry (I'm not a total monster) but to be honest, I was happy when this story line was over.

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