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How To Shovel Your Driveway The Safe And Smart Way This Winter

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It turns out cleaning all that white stuff off your driveway isn't just an annoying chore - it can be dangerous too.

While being struck by lightning or attacked by a shark rank pretty high on the average American's list of fears, you're statistically much more likely to die shoveling snow. Every year, 100 people die from accidents or injuries while shoveling snow, and the job sends 10,000 Americans to the emergency room each winter.

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The sad truth about the risk of shoveling snow is most of us just aren't prepared for the full-body workout it takes to clear a driveway. Especially when a huge pile of the cold stuff comes down all at once.

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The cold air actually makes things tougher on your body: as your blood vessels constrict from the lack of warmth, your blood pressure and heart rate increase, depriving your heart of oxygen.

The safest way to make room for the family car is to pay a neighbor to clean the walk for you. If that's not an option, try to stick to these tips for safe shoveling.

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