'Scrubs' Star Sam Lloyd Hit With Two Cancer Diagnoses Weeks After Birth Of His First Child

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'Scrubs' Star Sam Lloyd Hit With Two Cancer Diagnoses Weeks After Birth Of His First Child

The friends and family of actor Sam Lloyd - aka Ted the Lawyer - are rallying around the Scrubs star after he received two pieces of terrible news back to back.

Late last year, Lloyd, 55, became a father for the first time as his wife Vanessa gave birth to a boy named Weston.

Sam Lloyd
Lloyd played the depressed lawyer Ted Buckland on 'Scrubs.'ABC

Just weeks later, Lloyd began noticing worrying symptoms: he suffered from chronic headaches and dropped 10 pounds. Because he was caring for his new son and his sick mother, Lloyd chalked his symptoms up to stress and did not rush to the doctor.

When he eventually sought help, a CT scan caught a tumor in Lloyd's brain. Emergency surgery to remove the mass failed after doctors found it was attached too deep to safely take out.

As Lloyd recuperated in the hospital, more tests revealed the disease had spread to his lungs, spine, jaw, and liver.

The actor, who also had roles in Galaxy Quest, Flubber and Modern Family, launched a GoFundMe page to help cover the cost of his treatment.

Sam Lloyd GoFundMe
Lloyd welcomed his son Weston home just a month before he received his cancer diagnosis.GoFundMe

The fundraiser says Lloyd is seeking $100,000 for his medical bills, and in just one day it has already collected more than $70,000 from his devoted fans.

While his situation seems dire, Lloyd's fundraiser says that his family is staying positive.

"Humour and laughter, which have been a huge part of Sam's life, will undoubtedly help him with what lies ahead," it reads.

You can donate to Lloyd's GoFundMe page here.

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We're hoping that Lloyd hears some good news soon!

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