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Samantha Markle Calls Meghan "Delusionally Absurd" After Hearing University Speech

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When Prince Harry introduced the world to his now-wife Meghan Markle, the public couldn't help but instantly fall in love with the Suits alum.

We felt a connection to the American divorcee and admired her down-to-earth personality and her frequent displays of kindness to others.

But while Meghan has garnered countless fans from around the world, there are still people who chose to speak out against her, and it's mainly her own family.

When Meghan first received international attention, her half-sister Samantha Markle did whatever she could to also dip her toes into the spotlight.

Samantha and Meghan during happier times.
Samantha and Meghan during happier times.Samantha Markle/Twitter

"I am not candy coating anything anymore!"

In the past year, Samantha has frequently bashed the Duchess of Sussex to the media, especially when it involved their father Thomas Markle and his estrangement to his youngest daughter.

Thomas Markle has given several interviews with various media outlets.
Thomas Markle has given several interviews with various media outlets.ET Canada/The Sun/YouTube

"I am not candy coating anything anymore! The DUCHASS should be humane to our father who has given her everything,.. and this media crap can stop!" she wrote on Twitter.

"He was  the one who was always there for her. Fake waves and smiles can stop. The duchASS can bow to the daddy."

However, it appeared that the one-sided feud had ended when Kensington Palace announced the news Meghan and Harry were expecting a child in the new year.

Meghan and Harry greet a fan while at the Taronga Zoo.
Meghan and Harry greet a fan while at the Taronga Zoo. Kensington Palace/Instagram

Samantha was quick to change her tune and congratulated the newlyweds on the pregnancy news.

"I'm so excited, I'm so happy for you and I really, really am sorry for any of the past tension and confusion and misunderstandings and asinine things I've said when I just didn't understand what was going on and I wanted things to work out for my dad," she said in an interview with Daily Mail.

"But this is just a great time for you guys and Meg, I love you. Congratulations to both of you. Let's just let it all go and you two be wonderful happy parents"”I'm so happy for both of you."

Meghan and Harry
Prince Harry delivers a speech in Dubbo, Australia while Meghan Markle holds an umbrella over their heads. Kensington Palace/Instagram

But while it finally seemed to be copacetic on  Samantha's end, it didn't take long for her to make accusations against the royal once again.

The Situation

Earlier this month, Harry and Meghan have embarked on a 16-day tour in Australia and the South Pacific, where they've spent nearly almost every waking hour interacting with the public.

On October 24, Meghan gave a speech at the University of the South Pacific in Fiji, where she shared tidbits of her own college experience.

"As a university graduate, I know the personal feeling of pride and excitement that comes with attending university," Meghan said in her speech.

"From the moment you receive your acceptance letter, to the exams you spend countless late nights studying for, the lifelong friendships you make with your fellow alumni, and the moment you receive your diploma. The journey of higher education is an incredible, impactful and pivotal one."

Meghan and Harry pose with Elisha Azeemah Bano, the founder of the Act It Network.
Meghan and Harry pose with Elisha Azeemah Bano, the founder of the Act It Network.Kensington Palace/Twitter

"I am also fully aware of the challenges of being able to afford this level of schooling for many people around the world "“ myself included."

"It was through scholarships, financial aid programs and work-study where my earnings from a job on campus went directly towards my tuition - that I was able to attend university. And, without question, it was worth every effort."

Meghan Markle talks to young girl in Suva, Fiji.
Meghan Markle talks to young girl in Suva, Fiji.Kensington Palace/Instagram

Following her address, the former Deal or No Deal model announced two new grants for both the University of the South Pacific and Fiji National University, and while that should've been the end to a fulfilling day, it wouldn't be long until Samantha had something to say.

"To take that dignity and joy away from dad is morally unconscionable."

Once Samantha caught wind of Meghan's speech, she did not mince her words.

"Dad paid her college tuition! She forgot the most important part of her speech and there are receipts to prove it," the mother-of-three wrote on Twitter. "I love my sister but this is ridiculous. You can't lie like this, Meg! Delusionally absurd."

"It takes a lot of audacity, and deceit to lie about something as important as funding of a college education. To take that dignity and joy away from dad is morally unconscionable."

Samantha Markle
Samantha Markle has plenty of negative things to say about her royal half-sister.Samantha Markle/Twitter

Unfortunately, her rant didn't end there.

"He funded her education from day one through northwestern graduation. Fact," Samantha said in a follow-up post, adding that not only did her father pay for her university education at Northwestern University, but also for private elementary and high schools.

Northwestern University
Meghan graduated university with a bachelor's degree and a double major in theater and international studies.Daderot/Wikimedia Commons

Although Meghan and the rest of the royals have yet to speak out on Samantha's tirades, only time will tell if she gets put in her place.

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