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Family Heartbroken When Their "Jerk" Cat Went Missing, But 5 Days Later Her Return Has Us All Cheering

Cats can do more than we expect. From hiding objects around the house to somehow always knowing when you need a friend, we are still not convinced they do not know how to read.

Makeup artist Mary Irwin recently lost her cat. Babou disappeared from her North Carolina home without a trace.

Like many pet owners who have experienced this upsetting event, she ended up making "Missing" signs to post around the neighborhood to help find her lost animal.

Her sign included a physical description of her feline and an honest overview of her personality.

“She’s kind of a jerk,” reads part of the sign that was posted around the Charlotte neighborhood.

This description caught not only the attention of the neighbors but the internet as well!

She has definitely lived up to the description that her owner gave her.

“She knows how she is supposed to behave but she likes to see what she can get away with. She has a scratching post but if she’s mad at us, she’ll wait until we’re looking at her, then she’ll walk over to the couch and stick out one paw and run it slowly down the side of the couch. Like a teenager,” Irwin told ABC News.

She's not a cuddly cat either. Her owner said that the cat will snuggle for about 2.5 seconds before acting independent again.

“She usually sleeps on my husband because he’s warmer,” she said. “If he’s sleeping on his side, I’ll wake up and she’s on his hip and she’s staring down at the both of us. She just sits and glares.”

Babou is still seen as a sweetheart to the vet and new people she meets.

“When she’s around new, strange people she’s really good, and when she’s around the vet she’s great,” she explained. “But when she’s home, she’s like, ‘Did you just look at me in the eyes? Did you make direct eye contact with me?"

“She’s probably hiding somewhere cursing my name,” Irwin told ABC News.

In spite of her occasional sassy attitude, Irwin adores her kitty and was worried about her during the days she was gone.

But luckily, their stress would end rather abruptly...

Irwin and her husband Don West, originally found Babou in a Target parking lot in Miami in 2011.

“I had hurt my neck and my husband went into Target to get some medication for me and I said, ‘Oh, God, we can’t leave her here or she’ll get run over,’” Irwin recalled of finding Babou. “She ran across the parking lot and jumped into my arms. She was the coolest cat for six months and then she got spayed and that changed everything.”

In typical Babou fashion she casually returned to her home when she was ready.

“I had just gotten off the phone with a Canadian radio show talking about her and was talking to a friend on the other line — heard a scream from the other room and then my husband saying “WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN???” Irwin told PEOPLE in an email. “And lo and behold, there she was, walking through the front door 5 days after going missing, totally soaked and a few pounds thinner but safe.”

Happy to have her home, Irwin was relieved that her sassy feline returned.

Does this sound like something your cat would do? We would love to hear your stories!