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Couple Turn Old School Bus Into Modern, Stylish Home For Their Family Of Six

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When I was growing up, I had a bucket list of everything I wanted to accomplish when I became an adult. I wanted a career that I loved, husband I adored, and a house to call my own. I grew in a small apartment building in a big city, and always dreamed of living in my own humble abode.

While I knew I wouldn't ever live in a lavish home like Oprah, I knew I wanted a wraparound porch and fireplace in my living room. But, as I look into buying my first piece of property, I've started to realize how much work being a homeowner really is.

So, it makes sense to me how people are often foregoing the desire to live in mega-mansions and move into tiny houses instead.

With a good foundation and proper decorations, these small homes could be perfect to raise a family in, and that includes if they have wheels!

Debbie Mayes, 33, and her husband Gabriel, 35, are living the American Dream after they ditched their 5000-sq-ft house in favor of an old, yellow school bus.

The couple spent $38,000 to refurbish the entire bus by stripping it of its classic seats and replacing them with all the necessary amenities, such as a kitchen, sitting area, bathroom and bunk beds for their four children.

"We were living in a 5000-sq-ft house with Gabriel working multiple jobs, sometimes working until the early hours of the morning," Debbie said. "We have always had someone living with us since we married 12 years ago. And we very much believed that our value was based on what we did."

"Things emotionally started to fall apart. We were both miserable and disconnected so realized we needed to change everything about our life," she added.

After six months, the renovations were complete and the family packed up their home in Arlington, Texas and took a trip to the Sunshine State.

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