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A Scientist Thinks He Finally Cracked This Coded Ancient Manuscript

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Historical discoveries become fewer and fewer as the years pass (though they will never stop, as history will never stop being made). There are still mysteries that have stumped scientists, treasure seekers, historians, puzzle masters, and your average citizen for centuries, the Voynich Manuscript being one of them.

This ancient book has been dated back to the early 1400s, and no one has really ever figured out what it was about, though some speculated that it was about women's health based on the number of images of naked women. But because it was written in an unknown language, in a never before seen script, with what appears to be a scrambled, unsolvable code, no one has ever really known for sure. That is, until now.


A computer scientist from the University of Alberta, in Canada, appears to have solved the mystery that has been stumping experts for decades. Greg Kondrak used his computer skills to potentially decipher the book, which by his translations starts with, "She made recommendations to the priest ..."

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