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Scientists Can't Believe What They Are Seeing, And No It's Not What You Think It Is

The ways that animals evolve to keep themselves safe is nothing short of remarkable. This newly discovered species has surprised scientists with its completely unique defense mechanism.

This is actually a gecko and it is able to completely shed its scales when being attacked. Essentially what happens is it gets naked and slips away.

This process doesn't hurt the lizard at all, and they fully regenerate within  a few weeks in a new pattern than before. It's like if you were to shave your head and grow your hair back in an entirely new color. Kind of an interesting tactic but fascinating none the less.

PhD candidate Mark D. Scherz spoke abut the unusual reptile by saying that "it looks like a fish until you grab it, and then it looks like a naked chicken breast. It's bizarre, it's really surprising, and it's quite uncomfortable when you see them.

This new species of fish-scale gecko was found in Madagascar. Scientists believe the large scales are indented as a decoy against predators. Scherz says that "they get stuck in those jaws or claws and allow the gecko to escape naked and alive."

Because of their speed and agility they are apparently a "nightmare to catch" but if they do happen to get snagged this defense is their best option to survive.

What do you think of this crazy animal?

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