Scott Disick Didn't Want To Be A Dad Because He Thought It Would Make Him Less "Cool"


Scott Disick Didn't Want To Be A Dad Because He Thought It Would Make Him Less "Cool"


Anyone who has followed the Kardashians knows that Scott Disick has been a bit of a party boy. When he and Kourtney Kardashian were together, Disick was always getting himself into trouble. In 2009, things changed when Kardashian gave birth to the couple's first child, Mason.

Disick tried to do the whole "dad" thing, but his partying really got in the way. It was the source of constant drama, and lead to the couple being on and off all the time. They then welcomed a daughter in 2012 and another son in 2015. Despite their best efforts, Kardashian and Disick called it quits for good. Recently, the two have been expertly co-parenting as Disick has learned to put his family first.

In a preview for his show Flip It Like Disick, Disick and Kardashian talked about his initial fears of being a father and how things have changed for him now that he's gotten older.

“I feel like years ago, when I was, like, younger and stuff, I don’t know that I’ve been, like, motivated to, like, do all these things for the kids and, like, build houses for them,” Disick admitted. “I was just so insecure that, like, everybody would look at me like I’m not cool or young anymore. And now, I couldn’t be happier. But I’ll be honest: I would have never imagined driving the kids to school and stuff. And now I like it.”

“Yeah, no — you told me all the time you weren’t the soccer dad," Kardashian agreed.

“Now that it’s part of life and, like, they want me to be there, I’m happy to be there. You know what I mean?” Disick said. “I never thought I would have kids at such an early age, but I did and it’s been a real blessing ’cause I get to be the cool dad now. It was really, really, really difficult at first. I did not know how to be a dad, how to take care of kids and how to be there for them. I feel pretty confident that I’m able to now, and it’s great.”

"You didn't really appreciate what you had," Kourtney pointed out. "I think you were also depressed and I think there were other things going on."

"I think also like, losing my parents was a big thing and having to grow up more then. I just have a different life now," Disick admitted.

“You’ve definitely come a long way. I’m very proud of you.”

“Thank God we’re able to coparent,” Disick said during a confessional interview in the clip. “You know, I definitely think things have changed a lot and I’m definitely in a different place in my life now. I definitely got a little out of control. And, you know, it’s great that I’m still able to have Kourtney in my life, and we can still coexist and raise our three children together.”

Seeing how much Disick has changed is really uplifting. Watching people mature into their family roles is something we can all appreciate.

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