Seal Plays With Stuffed Seal Toy In The Cutest Photos Ever

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Seal Plays With Stuffed Seal Toy In The Cutest Photos Ever

Animal parks spend lots of time and money keeping their animals healthy and happy, but sometimes all it takes is a stuffed toy to boost an animal's mood.

Keepers at the Okhotsk Tokkari center in Northern Japan look after both trained seals and injured seals from the wild. On their social media account they show lots of fun distractions for the seals like slides and rubber balls, but one adorable toy caught everyone's attention.

The center's staff gave the animals their own stuffed seal toys to play with, and you can tell from the look on Aku the seal's face that he absolutely loved it.

He even gave his new friend a piggy back, with the same happy smile on his face.

These two got along so well that the keepers introduced other seals to their fuzzy friends, but some of the animals just seemed a little confused by everything.

We don't know if the Guinness World Records folks give out official awards for "cutest photos ever," but these are some serious contenders.

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