Second-Hand Fragrance Is As Scary As Second-Hand Smoke

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For years we have all learned the dangers of second-hand smoke. Being exposed to the toxic output of cigarettes is almost as bad as smoking the "cancer sticks" themselves. Second-hand smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals, 70 of which can cause cancer. It can cause lung, brain, bladder, throat, stomach and breast cancer in adults. In children, second-hand smoke can cause leukemia, lymphoma, liver cancer, and brain tumors.

Since discovering the terrible effects of second-hand smoke, more and more places have banned smoking from in (or near) their establishments. Companies are making it harder and harder for people to smoke near their business and it's for the best. Why should people who do not choose to smoke be subjected to the same harmful consequences as those who do?

I remember at restaurants you would have the option of "non-smoking" or "smoking" sections. The concept seemed pretty irrelevant. Seating me at a table that's four feet away from the "smoking" section isn't doing a whole lot of good. It's not like the smoke stops drifting once it sees a "non-smoking section" sign. We're all breathing in the same air.

But if you thought second-hand smoke was the only chemical substance polluting our air, you'd be wrong.

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