Before You Send That Bouquet Of Flowers, Find Out The Secret Meaning Behind It

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Before You Send That Bouquet Of Flowers, Find Out The Secret Meaning Behind It

Say it with flowers! In the olden days, some suitors declared their affection through the language of flowers and not words. The young lover sent his beloved a bouquet of red roses, tulips, or carnations. If the lady sent her gentleman friend a bouquet of lilacs in response, she was communicating to him her shared affection. Isn't that romantic?

If she sent him ivy on the other hand, it was an invitation to be "just friends." That's a lovely way to communicate disinterest without hurting someone's feelings. I wish more people nowadays knew about this, instead of giving the "cold shoulder" treatment.

Today, most of the meanings behind various flowers are long forgotten or disregarded. We show up at the flower shop and pick the bouquet that looks the prettiest, without thinking about the message we're sending. You would benefit from a few tips about which flowers to buy for different occasions. You may even be able to have a conversation with someone based only on flowers!


Overall meaning: love. Roses are always a declaration of affection, even if it's just friendship. This is why red roses are so popular on anniversaries and Valentine's Day. Depending on the color, you can convey different meanings.

Red "“ passionate love

Pink "“ admiration/appreciation

Red & white "“ unity

White "“ purity

Orange "“ fascination

Yellow "“ friendship


Overall meaning: declaration of love. Sending a bouquet of tulips is great option for dudes who are trying to figure out what flowers to send the woman they're interested in. They're not as flashy as roses, but have a deep symbolic meaning.

Pink "“ caring

Purple "“ royalty

Red "“ declaration of love

White "“ forgiveness

Yellow "“ hopelessly in love


Overall meaning: pride and beauty. You might want to watch out for yellow and striped carnations if you're going to be sending these flowers, because they represent something you probably don't want to convey.

Pink "“ gratitude

Red "“ admiration

White "“ remembrance

Striped "“ refusal

Yellow "“ disappointment


Overall meaning: fidelity, joy, and long life.

White "“ truth, loyalty

Red "“ love, sharing

Yellow "“ secret admirer


Overall meaning: majesty, innocence, purity. The lily is always a delicate way to express these themes, and as such, are usually used as part of a bouquet with other flowers.

Calla "“ magnificence

Casablanca "“ celebration

Day "“ enthusiasm

Stargazer "“ ambition


Overall meaning: exotic beauty. The orchid is one of the most delicate flowers because it requires stem reinforcements and a controlled environment. Send orchids to make a statement about the mystery of delicate, strong beauty.

Purple "“ royalty, respect

Pink "“ innocence, femininity, joy

Red "“ courage, strength, passion

White "“ elegance, beauty, humility

Yellow "“ new beginnings, joy, friendship

More Meanings

Lilac "“ First love

Daffodil "“ Chivalry, new beginnings

Daisy "“ Innocence, youth, motherhood

Hyacinth "“ Sincerity, constancy, playfulness

Queen Anne's Lace "“ Delicate femininity, sanctuary

Sunflower "“ Adoration, joy

Credit: About Flowers and The Flower Expert

Remember that someone giving you flowers might not know the meaning behind them, so tread carefully :)