Celine Dion Strips Down the Secret To Stage Performance on The Voice

Celine Dion made an appearance on The Voice as a guest mentor for Team Gwen and things got hot while she was demonstrating her dance moves.

"Intimidate the crowd," the My Heart Will Go On singer said. "Get close."

And that's exactly what she did when showing the contestants about crowd interaction. Advising her performers to keep their eyes on the crowd, she pulled out all the stops with her sultry little dance to keep them focused.

"I tried so hard to get undressed for you to look at us!" Dion joked. "But honestly, you did an amazing job."

The iconic Canadian singer, and busy mom of 3, stole the show with her first mentor appearance on The Voice and everyone involved couldn't be happier.

"I have the real Celine Dion right here! I'm so honored to have you here, it's unbelievable how many people love you," Stefani gushed. "I'm here to learn from you today."

"What I like about The Voice is that I get to be stunned by amazing talents," Dion shared. "This is the new generation, so we really have to take responsibility as mentors to give them some tools."

After the show, Dion showed her appreciation to Stefani on Twitter by tweeting, "I love working with you @gwenstefani! We have so much fun together!"

What did you think of Celine being on the show? Do you hope she comes back?

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