See Why Scott Hamilton's Doctors Are Crediting God For His Health Miracle

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See Why Scott Hamilton's Doctors Are Crediting God For His Health Miracle

Olympic gold medal figure skater Scott Hamilton experienced what he knows to be a miracle from God.

In the summer of 2016, Hamilton was diagnosed with his third brain tumor, this time a benign pituitary tumor.

This wasn't the first time the Olympic champion had to persevere through health complications. In 1997 he beat testicular cancer, and had previously had two similar tumors in his brain in 2004 and 2010. Hamilton knew the situation wasn't to be taken lightly.

"The nature of them is to grow, and without treatment, they have no reason to shrink," Hamilton said.

Hamilton, who was four children under the age of 15, knew it was time to make a change in his life. He began to focus heavily on his Christian faith.


"I kind of heard a little voice when I first got the news, to get strong, so I decided to do that," he says. "And it was about that same time that I realized things like that love to feed on sugar, and I go, "˜I don't really want to do anything to give it anything it wants.' So I just decided to give up sugar."

When he got a checkup in November of that same year, Hamilton was told the tumor hadn't grown, which he took as a victory.

"So I stayed with the program, eliminated all the unhealthy stuff "” have been getting strong "” and have been pouring myself into the word," he says. "And I really tried to draw as close to the Lord as possible."

The miracle happened on February 10, 2017. Scott Hamilton went to have a checkup and the MRI results were nothing short of a miracle.

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Scott's tumor had decreased in size, and doctor's had no medical explanation for it.

"When something like this happens, it's unbelievable. It would be like somebody...with any form of cancer or illness, it all of a sudden goes away? What? Without treatment? That's crazy," says Hamilton. "It was quite miraculous what happened. I never anticipated that at all."

Hamilton added lots of water, supplements, and essential oils to his diet, in addition to his strong Christian faith.

"And it was very funny, the surgeon that I would use if I were to take it out, I go, "˜Can you explain this?' He just smiled and looked at me and goes, "˜God.' That's it. Whoa. I was just a blubbering mess, like, "˜I'm not worthy of this.' There's so many other people out there who could benefit from this miracle."

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What Scott Hamilton experienced was a true miracle from God. Share this if you believe in miracles!

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