'Seeking Sister Wife' Stars Arrested For Stalking

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'Seeking Sister Wife' Stars Arrested For Stalking

TLC / Jasper County Sheriff's Department

Two of the stars of TLC's reality show Seeking Sister Wife were arrested last week on stalking charges.

Bernie and Kristen "Paige" McGee were both charged with stalking Friday and released on bond shortly afterwards.

The couple were introduced to the public on the second season of Seeking Sister Wife, which follows couples looking to enter into polygamous relationships.

Bernie & Paige McGee Seeking Sister Wife
Bernie and Paige's search for a polygamous relationship was featured on 'Seeking Sister Wife.'TLC

TMZ reports that the charges relate to Paige's brother, Patrick Marble. In court documents, Marble complains that his sister and brother-in-law made harassing phone calls to his home, cell, and work phone numbers, along with his girlfriend's.

Bernie even allegedly confronted Patrick in person, but the documents reportedly don't delve into the cause of the McGees' behavior.

Patrick has publicly called out his sister for bad behavior before, posting what appeared to be a screengrab of a Facebook Messenger conversation where Paige used a slur while attacking another user's child, who has Down syndrome.

Patrick Marble
Marble has spoken out against his sister's behavior before.Patrick Marble - Twitter

"Yes, I do feel sorry your child is a r--- with mental issues," the image reads. "I believe your child has Down syndrome because of what a horrible person you are and God is punishing you."

Patrick went on to rail against his sister on Twitter, saying that all she and Bernie care about "are ratings" while calling her "despicable."

TLC has not issued a statement about the charges so far.

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