A Couple Transformed This Normal Semi Truck Into A Gorgeous Dream Home


A Couple Transformed This Normal Semi Truck Into A Gorgeous Dream Home

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Iona Stewart and Martin Hill did something everyone wants to do: they found their dream home! The only thing is that instead of a classic house...it's an old semi-truck.

"About four years ago after a few too many beers I thought about buying a big American RV," Martin said. "We bought the [truck] in May this year."

The couple, originally from the UK, bought the truck on eBay for about $4,670USD. They decided to transform it into a beautiful living space so that they could travel around Europe on their own terms, not having to stop and find hotels.

"We spent four months working on it full-time," Martin admitted. "We are really lucky to not have to work and we did everything ourselves. It's amazing what you can do. We are not exactly slumming it."

In total, the couple spent about $25,900 on the renovations, which is a lot less than most people spend on a home!

Ready to take a look inside?

It starts out with the kitchen, which actually looks bigger than the kitchen I had in my first apartment! There seems to be a lot of cupboard space, which is always great.

The couple doesn't waste any space when it comes to storage, with mugs and spices hanging on the wall.

This looks to be a tiny fireplace, which is a great addition to any home.

The interior design is also amazing. Iona did all of the design work, while Martin did most of the manual labor.

The kitchen then leads into the sitting area, with a trendy open-concept style.

The space inside the truck totals about the same as 1.5 parking spaces, so it's wild to see how much they've transformed the whole thing. There's a second "mini level" that adds to their overall layout.

Again, more storage! The wardrobe in the bedroom has a ton of space for Martin and Iona to store their stuff while they travel around Europe.

The bathroom is really where they lose me. It's pretty tiny, and there doesn't appear to be an actual shower. Plus, I have a feeling that sink doesn't hold too much water, so I bet there's a lot of splashing going on.

No matter what we think about it, though, Martin and Iona are thrilled with their new space. Iona posted the finished product on Facebook, saying "our wee home is finally finished!"

Even the exterior has been updated, with windows to allow the light in.

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What an amazing transformation! Would you ever do something like this?

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