It Took Hours To Get Under Those Mats, But Now He's Ready For A New Home

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It Took Hours To Get Under Those Mats, But Now He's Ready For A New Home

When you come across a cat who is covered in matted fur, it really does break your heart. These poor angels don't deserve to be treated like this, but when they don't have a home there is no one to take care of them.

Buttercup is a senior cat who was left behind when his owners moved away. He is about 13 years old and weighs a solid 24 pounds. He is a big, sweet boy but when he was brought into the Nevada SPCA they knew he needed help.

"[Buttercup] was suffering from some of the most severe matting on a feline that we have seen in years," the SPCA said, "It took hours to shave him. I believe they had to take many breaks to reduce the stress."

The staff was heartbroken to see a cat in this condition, especially knowing that he had been alone for years. He was patient with them while they shaved away what ended up as an entire pound of knots but what they found underneath was just as sad.

Because his hair had been pulled so tight into the mats for so long, his skin had become so dry and raw. They had to apply a bunch of oils and lotions to help him heal but even while they did that he was patient and calm.

He had to be put on a special diet with premium food and continue to apply the treatment to help his skin heal.

"Buttercup loves being held in gentle arms or cuddling up in cozy cat beds. He is great with other sweet cats," the SPCA said in their post to try to help him find a home so that he can "Finally know and experience what a loving and responsible home feels like, at long, long last."

If you are looking to adopt a cat, make sure you check your local shelters as there are cats like Buttercup who just want to be loved and deserve to know what its like.

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