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Man Throws Epic First Birthday Party For His Service Dog

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The force between a man and his dog is a strong one, that no one can deny.

When our pets reach a milestone in their lives, it only seems natural that we want to celebrate too!

Deuce was celebrating his first birthday, so his owner Charles Wilson-Adams decided to throw him a very special party.

The American Bulldog is Charles's service dog and has helped him through a rough patch in his life.

“I actually met Deuce when I was going through a rough time in my life, and that’s another reason why I love him so much,” he adds. “And I felt as though I should throw a birthday party for him because I actually just see him as my son.”


Charles is a 24-year-old student studying Senior Communications Media at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and everyone on campus has made a connection with the 1-year-old pouch, so naturally he invited them to his party.

And the party's theme is out of this world!

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