Shamrock Shakes Are Back For A Limited Time

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Shamrock Shakes Are Back For A Limited Time


McDonald's is getting into the St. Patrick's Day spirit early as their Shamrock Shakes return to restaurants nationwide.

From now until March 24, participating McDonald's locations will have the much-beloved green milkshakes on tap.

Shamrock Shake
The minty shake is on sale - but not for long.Todd Van Hoosear - Wikimedia

Since its debut in 1970, the shake has become a springtime staple, especially for McDonald's milkshake fans (like me) who prefer the mint flavor to strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla.

As always, only a limited amount of the shake is available. So if you've been craving one all year, don't wait and miss your chance!

To help customers make the most of the limited time offer, McDonald's has added a special Shamrock Shake tracker to their app. By typing in your zip code, you can pinpoint which McDonald's near you offer the shake.

Shamrock Shakes
The McDonald's app can now track down Shamrock Shakes.McDonald's

Bear in mind, each large Shamrock Shake packs a whopping 800 calories, so try not to overindulge.

If you feel like sampling a new green treat this year, Dairy Queen is giving McDonald's a run for their money with a new Mint Shake.

Mint Shake
Dairy Queen's Mint Shake gives the Shamrock Shake a run for its money.Dairy Queen

Like McDonald's, Dairy Queen makes their Mint Shake by blending vanilla soft serve with minty syrup.

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Know anyone who's been waiting all year for a Shamrock Shake?

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