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Her Facebook Post Cost Her Dad $80,000 And There's Nothing He Can Do About It

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Dana Snay made a huge mistake when the bragged about her family's lawsuit on Facebook.

Snay's father, Patrick, was the headmaster at Gulliver Prep, a prestigious prep school in Miami. He decided he wanted to work until he was 69 (the retirement age in Florida is 62) but when it came time to renew Patrick's contract, the school refused.

Gulliver Prep SchoolPrivate School Review

Patrick sued Gulliver Prep, claiming the decision was based on his age. This, of course, is illegal to do. The courts sided with Mr. Snay and awarded him $80,000, plus an additional $60,000 for lawyer fees and $10,000 in back pay.

Patrick Snay and his wife.

As part of the settlement between Patrick and Gulliver Prep, there was a confidentiality clause which restricted both parties from publicly announcing what was awarded, the settlement, or details of the overall transaction. The intent was to keep a private dispute private and keep both parties quiet.

Enter: Dana Snay.

Dana Snay and her father, PatrickDaily Entertainment News

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