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She Built Her Prince A Castle And He Reacted Exactly As Expected

Cat's don't really care how much time or money something took to build. It's all about what they feel like doing and they could not care any less about your feelings about it.

Prince Peachblossom was lucky enough to find an owner named Frances Ratner who loves him enough to build him his own castle. Does he care? Not so much.

He's a 6 month old with a royal title, so obviously he needed a palace. Frances spent so much time building him a cat castle that he can climb in, sleep in, and store his favorite toys (pom poms) in.

At first it was great! Love at first sight.

He loved poking through the windows and checking out all the levels.

So many places to hide!

And so much cardboard to chew on!

But, his excitement faded fast and according to Frances he really only played with it for TEN MINUTES! "He has completely ignored it since," Ratner said of her little prince.

As frustrated as you would think she would be, she doesn't mind because "he's a prince, he's allowed to be fussy."

If you want to keep up with Prince Peachblossom and see if he ever comes back around to his adorable little palace, you can follow him on Instagram.

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