She Calls 911 For Her Dad, Then Leaves Everyone In Hysterics

Savannah Hensley did something most 5-year-olds wouldn't have the calmness to do: she called 911 after her father started having chest pains.

Savannah was home with just her dad and her dog when her dad was having chest pains and difficulty breathing. He couldn't call 911 himself, so it was up to Savannah to save the day.

She calls emergency dispatchers and stays calm, cool and collected while she gives information to the dispatcher. Clearly she doesn't totally realize the gravity of this situation, because she seemed more concerned about changing out of her pajamas before the "ambliance" got to her house.

You HAVE to listen to this hilarious 911 call. Don't worry, Dad is totally fine. Or as Savannah would say, "so far, so good."