She Felt Like The 'World's Worst Mum', But She Couldn't Believe The Response She Got

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She Felt Like The 'World's Worst Mum', But She Couldn't Believe The Response She Got

Ashleii Maree is the mother of a three-year-old daughter named Krystal who she loves with all her heart. Maree is doing her best as a mom, and as all moms know sometimes things don't go according to plan.

Maree took out some chicken to make dinner but when it was defrosted she realized it had gone bad. She didn't have any money in the bank until her payday the next day and no other food in the house so she resorted to feeding her daughter Coco Pops cereal for dinner.

She felt so guilty that she took to Facebook to share her shame and maybe get a little support, but assumed she would get a lot of criticism.

She said "When you have to feed you child coco pops because the chicken you pulled out for tea is off and don't have anything till pay day. Feel like the worst mum in the world right now."

People on the group were quick to defend her, with some commenting that their kids love eating cereal for dinner and that their own kids were so picky they would only eat toast.

One comment tried to ease her concerns by saying "Try not to stress. You aren't the first and last parent that has done this. She has a roof over her head and coco pops in her belly and is loved that's the important thing."

She was so touched by the outpouring of kindness that she sent out a second message, this time thanking everyone for their kind words.

It read:

"I'm writing this through my tears so I'm sorry for spelling mistakes. I just wanted to say a major thank you to this group!

Tonight I felt so bloody horrible because I had no choice but to feed my little girl coco pops for tea. I felt like the worst mummy in the world!!! Not only have the ladies been nice but a few of them have offered some food for my family and money. I did decline as my mum is right around the corner and has stuff there for us. Pay day is Thursday so we will be ok. But the amazing and kind words that each and every one of you ladies have said made me smile and not feel so bad knowing I'm not the only parent that has given their kids breakfast for tea!!

Safe to say my daughter absolutely loved her tea the photo says it all. So thank you ladies it means the world to me! You are all so sweet and kind."

So next time you feel like you are the only parent going through something, remember that there are millions out there who probably have been there and done that!