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She Had To Breastfeed At A Restaurant, But Then A Lady Came By To Help Her Eat

When you bring your baby to a restaurant you tend to get a lot of nasty looks. People don't want their dining experience to be interrupted by a crying baby, but moms deserve a tasty breakfast as much as the rest of us!

When Brier Lusia McQueen went out to breakfast with her eight-week-old she was looking forward to a meal out of the house. When her baby started crying a few minutes after she ordered food she wasn't sure what to do.

She didn't want to leave the table with her food coming, but she knew her baby needed breakfast too. So despite the judgment that comes with breastfeeding in public, she did what she needed to do. But as she fed her son, a woman started walking up to her table and McQueen became a bit nervous.

The stranger came over to the table where McQueen was breastfeeding and instead of reprimanding her, she said "What a good mama you are, we can't have your food getting cold now can we?"

She cut up her food for he so McQueen could eat her eggs with one hand. She was so touched that someone would do something like that so she shared her story on Facebook.

It was her first time out to breakfast alone with her son and she was relieved that it went so well. It's nice to know that there are decent people out there who understand what it's like to be a mom.