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His Piercing Cry Was Coming From The Bushes, Now He's Grown Up And Cuter Than Ever

Joan Bowel loves cats and rescues as many as she can. She was feeding her cats one evening when she heard a piercing scream from the bushes.

She tracked down the source and found a tiny little kitten calling out beside another that was already dead. It was clearly too young to be without a mother, but it was in such bad shape that Joan knew they had been abandoned.

She took him into the house right away and carefully washed him off. His eyes were caked closed with infection and tried to feed him but he was too weak to eat.

It took some time before he was confident enough to eat the milk she gave him, but slowly he started to build up strength. He was paired up with two other kittens she had so that the little boy would have some constant contact. She named him Chili and he is starting to grow to be big and strong.

"I believe his beautiful little soul has healed from his traumatic start to life...He's the sweetest little thing on earth and I love being his human mama," Joan shared.

He's grown up quite a bit now, but he still loves his sisters!

What a handsome boy!

Would you have taken in the little kitten?