She Lost 455lbs In 2 Years And Her Transformation Is Incredible

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Obesity is an increasingly large problem in America. Nikki Webster, who is just 34 years old, was so obese she could barely stand or wash herself anymore.

"My weight is debilitating. My body is so painful, I hate it. But I say this to myself. Food is an addiction to me and my addiction is killing me," she said.

Nikki's story was documented on the TLC show My 600lb Life where it was revealed she weighed a scary 649lbs. She uprooted her life from Little Rock, Arkansas and moved to Texas to work with Dr. Nowzaradan. Referred to as "Dr. Now", he is a weight-loss surgeon who specializes in morbidly obese patients.  

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Dr. Now told Nikki she had to lose 50lbs on a limited diet plan before undergoing surgery. It took 3 months for Nikki to lose the weight, and when she did she was approved for a gastric sleeve.

Nikki's surgery was a success, and she lost 207lbs in a year. She consulted a therapist regularly to make sure the issues which caused her to originally gain the weight did not come back to sabotage her current success.

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Nikki's weight loss hit a wall when her best friend Michael died after also undergoing weight-loss surgery.

"Earlier this year, my best friend Michael had a gastric bypass, and he died. That haunts me," she explained.

She struggled to find her motivation again, but Dr. Now told Nikki if she lost more weight she could have skin removal surgery to get rid of the excess skin on her stomach.

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When her total weight loss hit 348lbs, Dr. Now approved Nikki for skin removal surgery. She had a whopping 56lbs of excess skin removed from her stomach. However, after surgery, Nikki was rushed back under the knife due to internal bleeding.

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But despite her setbacks, Nikki now looks totally different.

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