She Makes This Dolphin Laugh With Her Dance Routine

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She Makes This Dolphin Laugh With Her Dance Routine

Dolphins have been entertaining us for years with their playful nature and outstanding acrobatics. It's about time someone returned the favor.

That's exactly what this young girl did while visiting SeaWorld.  The talented tumbler started doing some tricks of her own, and made a surprise fan along the way.

Bonnie Anna Kerlin is a performer at nearby Universal Studios and decided to put on a show of her own for our maritime cousins. She quickly drew the attention of a pair of dolphins and one actually stops to get a better look.

You can see the moment she makes the curious dolphin laugh out loud - and you won't be able to help joining in. The giant bubble escaping is the fish equivalent of knee-slapping.

Since she uploaded her video Kerlin has been viewed over 5 million times. Maybe there will be more from this hilarious pair in the future!

Watch it for yourself below:

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